Class 1-2 Mrs. Katie LaForgia

Each week, the children in First Grade learn so many new things!

Ask your child about…

  • measuring time and using picture graphs. 
  • the Sacrament of Holy Communion.  
  • fairy tales.
  • contractions.
  • the continent of North America and the three countries that a re part of it. 
  • sight words that the class has learned so far.
  • this weekend’s Gospel story.

Class 1-2’s Special’s Schedule

Day A-Computer (1:45 pm)

Day B- Music (9:10 am)

Day C- Gym (1:05 pm)

Day D- Library (8:30 am)

Day E- no special

Day F- Art (1:45 pm)


Cafeteria Schedule & Prices

Tuesdays- pizza ($1.50)

Wednesdays- pretzels ($1.50)

Thursdays- chicken nuggets ($1.50)

Fridays- bagels (choice of plain, butter, or cream cheese)

Served Daily- snacks ($.50), juice ($.50), water ($.75) and ice cream ($1.00)