Meet the Teacher


            I have a very early memory of myself as a “teacher”.  I remember being in my parents’ basement in my childhood home when I discovered that if I wrote on the sheetrock walls with chalk, it sounded just like the chalkboards at school.  Carefully, I wrote the date on the “board” and began “teaching”.  In the middle of the lesson, I was interrupted by my Dad, who quickly bought me a chalkboard. 

            I have attended Catholic schools since the age of 3.  After graduating high school, I attended Stonehill College in Massachusetts.  There, I completed a course of study that included a double major in Elementary Education and Fine Art, as well as a minor in Early Childhood Education.  After moving back to New York, I began my teaching career and enrolled in a Master’s program at Hofstra University.  There, I earned a Master’s Degree in Literacy.  I began teaching at night at Hofstra’s Reading, Writing, and Learning Center.  In 2008 I started at St. Agnes and I am beginning my 12th year teaching this September.  This is my 10th year at St. Agnes Cathedral School.  

            I live in Huntington with my husband and our pets.  I love all animals, gardening, cooking, baking, riding my bike, and swimming.