Meet your teacher!
I am very excited to be back teaching another year at St. Agnes. My love of reading and literature guided me on the path to becoming a teacher. I found such comfort in stories  that I felt the calling to pass this on to others.
  I received my BA in English from Oneonta State and continued my education at Fordham University to receive my Masters in Early Childhood Education, specializing in Literacy. My favorite place in over nine years of teaching in both Catholic and public schools has been first grade. It is here I have been able to witness the most remarkable growth and development. I also get to enjoy the ear to ear toothless smiles of accomplishment and the "I did it" moments. I am blessed to be able to practice my faith and help my students learn to put God first on a daily basis. 
 When I am not challenging my students in the classroom, I can be found driving my three girls around  Long Island and the tri-state area to their school, sport, and artistic functions as my husband is driving in the opposite direction doing the same.
   In our free time we love to cook and watch cooking shows. We have each taken turns cooking, knowing full well we can be chopped at any moment for being heavy handed on the seasonings. We are also learning to laugh at ourselves and not take ourselves too seriously. We love to surf, swim, play basketball and volleyball, try new things, and travel. 

I look forward to working with you to help make it a  successful year for both you and your child.