Class 2-2 Mrs. Cathy Gibbons

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Mrs. Gibbons Class 2-2   

Special Schedule

Day A: Gym 1:05-1:45
Day B: 
Day C: Art 10:30-11:10
Day D: Computer  9:10-9:50
Day E: 
Day F: Music  1:05-1:45

May's Monthly Theme: Honesty

Due to the new bus dismissal procedure, please send your child to school with a note each day he/she will be a walker or attending after school enrichment. Thanks! 

Please print up May's reading calendar (listed under resources) so your child can record his/her daily reading. May's reading calendar is due on Thurs. June 1st. Thanks!    

Please make sure your child has 2 books that he/she can read during DEAR (drop everything and read) time each day. Books must be changed weekly.  

Spelling Words
for Week of 5/22/17:
1.aim 2.snail 3.bay 4.braid 5.ray 6.always 7.gain 8.sly 9.chain 10.shy 11.bright 12.fright 13.tray 14.try 15.contain 16.thigh

Some topics we will be learning this week/month are:

Religion: Ascension Thurs., The Glorious Mysteries, Weekly Gospel
L/A: Pronouns
Math: Data & Making & Interpreting Graphs
S/S: Natural Resources, Economics
Reading:  Story: Two of Everything                                                     Skill: Character Traits

Spelling Test Rubric:
3 = 16-14  (grade level understanding)
2 = 13-11 (partial understanding)
1 = 10-1 (minimal understanding)

Reading Comprehension Rubric:
4 = 10 (thorough & consistent understanding)
3 = 9-7 (grade level understanding)
2 =  6-4 (partial understanding)
1 = 3-1 (minimal understanding)

Arrival/Dismissal Times:
Arrival time for all students - 8:15 am
Walker dismissal - 2:40 pm
Bus dismissal - 2:45 pm
**Lunch - 11:15 am - 12:05 pm      

Cafeteria Prices
Pizza (Tuesdays), pretzels (Wednesday), chicken nuggets (Thursdays) & bagels (Fridays) are all$1.50
Ice Cream is $1.00, all other snacks are $ .50,  juice is $.50, and water is $.75