2-4 is Living the Gospel

Week of 5/27 - God sends the Holy Spirit to calm & comfort us during difficult times.  We need to remember to ask the Holy Spirit to teach & guide us, and help us to be true followers of Jesus.

Week of 5/20
- Jesus teaches His disciples the New Commandment: Love one another.  Show extra love this week, so that people will know you are a follower of Christ by the way you care for others.

Week of 5/13
- When we listen to Jesus in the Bible, while praying, * when receiving the Eucharist, we grow closer to Him, which helps to lessen our fears.

Week of 5/6
- Jesus gives Peter an opportunity to heal the hurt caused by his denial.  If there's someone you've wronged, it's better to ask for forgiveness then to dwell on the wrong-- love & peace of mind grow in a clean heart.