Class Policies

Third Grade Homework Policy for each Trimester:

1st missing/incomplete homework = complete next day in class

2nd missing/incomplete homework = added to the next night's homework

3rd missing/incomplete homework = stay in at recess to complete

4th missing/incomplete homework = stay after school to complete
****Parents please check your student's homework notebook daily and sign to verify that you have seen it each day.

*Signing & Returning Tests/Quizzes Policy:

 When a test or quiz is returned to your son or daughter, please look it over to see how he or she did. Please sign and return it with your son or daughter to school the following day so we can go over the test together. I keep these tests and quizzes.


 *Please check your child's Take Home Folder every night and clean it out.

Informal Assessments:  You will start to notice work coming home with scores on them.  These are informal classwork assessments which are all reviewed in class after everyone has completed them.

Spelling Rubric
Level 4- 18 correct + challenge 
Level 3- 14-18 correct
Level 2- 11-13 correct
Level 1- 10 correct and below

*Please make sure your child continues to have 2 Chapter Books in school to read during D.E.A.R. time.

Thank you for your support!