Homework/H.W. Policy

**Homework Reminder:
Parents: Please initial your child's homework every night to verify that you have seen his/her homework. Thank you so much!**

Homework: Wednesday 9/26/18
Spelling- Create 7 sentences using spelling words.

S.S. -Study for quiz tomorrow

Exercises in English page 6

Math- Chapter 3 quiz next Wednesday

Spelling Words:   1. lay 2. real 3. trail 4. sweet 5. today 6. dream 7. seem Review: paint please Words 8. tea 9. treat 10. afraid 11. leave 12. bait 13. screen 14. speed Challenge: yesterday explain

Vocabulary Words: 
1. block 2. spreading 3. raise 4. figure 5. contacted 6. customers 7. afford 8. earn
Back to School Night PPT below:

REMEMBER: "No act of kindness, no matter               how small is ever wasted."


*Third Grade Homework Policy for each Trimester:

1st missing/incomplete homework = complete next day in class

2nd missing/incomplete homework = added to the next night's homework

3rd missing/incomplete homework = stay in at recess to complete

4th missing/incomplete homework = stay after school to complete