Class 3-4 Mrs. Lisa Ondra
Welcome May!

Please check at home for any possible outgrown school uniforms to donate to the children in Uganda. 

Check out the Photo Gallery link to see some of the fun we've been having in 3-4 this year!

Baby Wipes are needed to help in the cafeteria & Lysol/Clorox Wipes are needed for the classroom, thanks! 

Monthly School Theme: Hope
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*St. Agnes' School Theme:
Accepting Christ Today in One Another

Check out what we're learning in:
Religion - Easter Season & Glorious Mysteries
Math - Go Math Volume 2 Chapter 10: Telling Time & Module 2
Reading - Journeys Lesson 24: Dog-of-the-Sea-Waves
Grammar- Compare & Contrast
ELA - Module book: Peter Pan!
Social Studies - The Amazon Rainforest
Science - Health Unit: Senses and Body Systems

3rd Grade Dominican Saint
Blessed Margaret of Castello
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Feast Day: April 13th


Day A: 
Day B: Gym 8:30-9:10 and Library 1:10-1:50
Day C: Art 1:10-1:50
Day D: Computer 1:50-2:30
Day E: 
Day F: Liturgical Music 9:50-10:30 and Music 1:50-2:30

Cafeteria News:
Tuesday: Pizza
Wednesday: Pretzels (orders will be taken on Monday) are still $1.50
Thursday: Chicken Nuggets
Friday: Bagels: plain, butter, cream cheese (orders will be taken on Wednesday)
*All food items listed above are $2.00
*Snacks are $0.50, Water $0.75, Juice $0.50, Ice cream $1.00

Spelling Rubric:
Level 4: 18 correct + bonus
Level 3: 14-18 correct (18 correct is the expectation after using the words all week)
Level 2: 11-13 correct
Level 1: 10 correct & below

Third Grade Homework Policy(Per Trimester):
1st missing/incomplete - complete next day in class
2nd missing/incomplete - added to the next night's homework
3rd missing/incomplete - stay in at recess to complete

4th missing/incomplete - stay after school to complete

*To contact Mrs. Ondra, please call 678-5550 ext. 304 and leave a voicemail,send an email to, or send a note with your child and I will get back to you as soon as possible! Thank you!