Weekly Classwork & Homework
Week of December 10, 2018
Words for the Advent season.
Spelling Words-
wreath, joy, peace, love, hope, Emmanuel, Bethlehem, nativity, Jesse Tree, Advent

Problem Of the Week:
Gavin read a 100 page book in 3 days. On the first day, he read 20 pages. Each day after that, he read the same number of pages. Use “p” to represent the number of pages Gavin read each day after the first day. Explain your reasoning using words and show all of your work.

Math- WB pgs. 359 & 360
Spelling- write words 2x each
Math Problem of the Week due Friday

Spelling- Use #'s 1-5 in a sentence
Science- text pg. B17 #'s 1-5

Spelling- Use #'s 6-10 in a sentence
Reading- Scholastic News

Math- Go Math 7.1
Spelling- Study