Weekly Classwork & Homework

Week of February 11, 2019
Journeys Lesson 16: A Mr. Rubbish Mood from Judy Moody Saves the World!
Spelling Words 
Vowel +/r/ sounds in air and fear:
air, wear, chair, stairs, bare, bear, hair, care, pear, pair, share, near, ear, beard, buy, year, earring, compare

Vocabulary Words 
recycle, project,dripping, carton, complicated, global, rubbish, hardly, shade, pollution

Problem Of the Week:
Isabella drew a quadrilateral that had 4 sides of equal length and no right angles. What quadrilateral did she draw? Show your work and explain how you got your answer.

Math- WB pg. 733
Spelling- 1x print, 1x script

Math- Module sheet
Science- Text pg. B62 #'s 11-19  answers in yellow NB


Reading- Scholastic News 

Math- POW due tomorrow

Spelling- Study

*Please cover Go Math & Journeys Vol. 2 in contact paper