Word Problems

Word problems for the week of February 13

Monday: Jodie bought some shirts for $6 each. Marge bought some shirts for $8 each. The girls spent the same amount of money on the shirts. What is the least amount they could have spent? 

Tuesday: Miles has a train collection with 36 engines, 72 boxcars, and 18 cabooses. He wants to arrange the train cars in equal rows with only one type of train car in each row. How many can he put in each row? 

Wednesday: Marta uses 1 piece of paper and 1 piece of ribbon to make kites. The paper comes in packs of 3 pieces and the ribbon comes in packs of 4 pieces. What is the least number of kites Marta can make without any supplies left over?

Thursday: Mike ate 2/6 of a pizza. Write two equivalent fractions that show what fraction of the pizza Mike ate. 


 ** Please be sure to show ALL your work and complete the word problems in the back of your notebook in the "Word Problems" section.