Word Problems

Word problems for the week of March 20

Monday: Cody and Ross ordered two same-size pizzas.  Cody ate 2/6 of is pizza.  Ross ate the same amount from the second pizza.  Write a different fraction that could represent the amount of pizza Ross ate.

Tuesday: Lucia spend ¾ of her allowance on snacks.  Write a fraction equivalent to ¾.

Wednesday: To make a sauce, Suzie needs to combine 1/8 cup of cream and 5/8 cup of broth.  How many cups of sauce will Suzie have?

Thursday: Rebecca works at a library and checks in 114 books one day.  If she checks in the same number of books every day, how many books will she check in by the end of seven days?


 ** Please be sure to show ALL your work and complete the word problems in the back of your notebook in the "Word Problems" section.