Subject Area Information


Social Studies Homework Due Monday, January 9th 

Boston Tea Party Eyewitness Report

Write two paragraphs describing your experience/opinion as a witness of the Boston Tea Party. Students may use their New York State Story, notes, Liberty Kids video, and any other references to help them.

1) Choose a side (Redcoats or Patriots)
2) Come up with a newspaper title and give the article an appropriate date
3) Paragraph 1- Describe what you witnessed
(What was the Boston Tea Party? Where did it take place? What were some direct results of this event?)

4) Paragraph 2- Explain your opinion of what happened 
(ex. Was it right or wrong? What caused it?) 

5) Final copy should be designed to represent an old fashioned newspaper report.
This may be typed!


Important Information for Religion:
Alive in Christ Chapter Reviews
Alive in Christ provides online interactive online chapter reviews which gives students an opportunity for test preparation, and practice. This website also allows Faith-sharing features and resources geared to your family to encourage continued learning at home via games, multimedia activities, social media interaction, and topical articles. Please take the time to explore these wonderful resources!

Important Information for GoMath and Journeys Resources

Please click this link and visit the website for GoMath and Journey's resources.

The user name is the student's first initial and last name.
The password is Stagnes-4.  Please be sure to capitalize the letter "s"


The following is the rubric which is used for spelling tests:

4 - one error or less

3- two to six errors

2 - seven to ten errors

1 - more than ten errors

Students also need to use correct punctuation and spelling for the two sentences they are given to write.


Reading and writing are a very important part of our fourth grade curriculum in all subject areas.  It is important that this is reinforced at home.  Students should be encouraged to underline information in the text when working in their WORKBOOKS. The students are expected to use opening and closing sentences as well as details in their written responses.  There are also creative writing prompts listed in the links on my page to help practice writing mechanics and use of details.