Subject Area Information


Reading and writing are a very important part of our fourth grade curriculum in all subject areas.  It is important that this is reinforced at home.  Students should be encouraged to underline information in the text when working in their WORKBOOKS. The students are expected to use opening and closing sentences as well as details in their written responses. 

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Religion: Easter, Vocations, Conscience, Making good decisions, The Ten Commandments,  Weekly Gospel Reflections
Reading:  Main Idea and Key Details, Author's Purpose, Cause and Effect, Theme, Character Traits, Fact and Opinion, Text Features, Sequence of Events 
ELA: Reading/Writing using text details, Commonly Misused Words 

Social Studies:  Immigration 

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The following is the rubric which is used for spelling tests:
4 - one error or less

3- two to six errors

2 - seven to ten errors

1 - more than ten errors

Students also need to use correct punctuation and spelling for the two sentences they are given to write.

All notebooks should be labeled as follows:
Social Studies - Red
Math - Yellow
Science/Health - Green
Reading/Vocabulary - Purple
ELA - Blue
Religion/Journal - Orange
Please note that only workbooks may be covered in contact paper!