Class 5-2 Mrs. Maureen O'Loughlin


The month of November begins with the feast of All Saints Day, immediately followed by All Souls Day. These beautiful Catholic feasts honor and celebrate the lives of all those who have gone before us marked with the sign of faith.

The virtue for the month of November is "Compassion". To be compassionate means to "suffer with"; to walk with someone on their journey and share their struggles. We are called to be compassionate to each other and to help each other carry whatever burdens we may have.

In addition to the Bible, we use the Sadlier series in our Religion classes. In Unit 1, the students are introduced to God the Creator.  They will recognize that God made the whole world and everything in it. They will come to understand that God not only lovingly created many things in our world, but that He loves and cares for them. Highlighted are God's gifts of light, water, and the land. Through this presentation, the children will come to to respect their role in taking care of all the gifts God has given us in His Creation.

Online resources may be found on the Sadlier website :

In Math, we have had our second test on Chapter 2 and have moved on to Chapter 3, Decimals. We will be working in both our Go Math workbooks as well as the Engage NY Module 2.


Please consult Google Classroom which has all homework assignments and other important information.

Google Classroom Codes:

5-1   i8yowv
5-2   x5exkgx
5-3   31nypo
5-4   miry368


5-1   ew7bi9e
5-2   m561oy

                     5th Grade Teachers:

Ms. Gabrielle LoCicero (5-1) ELA and Reading
Mrs. Maureen O'Loughlin (5-2) Math & Religion
Mrs. Christina Antona
cci (5-3) Social Studies and Reading
Mrs. Magas (5-4) Science, Health, and Religion

Special Schedule for 5-2

A Day   Library
B Day   Gym
C Day   Art
D Day   Computers
E Day   Music
F Day   Liturgical Music

               All About Mrs. O'Loughlin____________

  As a graduate of St. Agnes Cathedral High School, I was happy and excited to resume my teaching career nine years ago here at St. Agnes. After obtaining my Bachelors Degree  from St. John's University, I began teaching (as Miss O'Connell), first at St. Joseph's in Holbrook, Massachusetts, and then at  St. Joseph's in Hewlett, New York. While teaching, I also worked a summer job at Aer Lingus (the Irish Airline).  This resulted in a move to Dublin when I got married and my three children were all born in Ireland. I was a "stay-at-home-Mom" until our return to the United States. I then embarked upon  earning a  Masters of Education at St. John's and accepted a position to teach fifth grade Math and Religion.
This is my eleventh year as a member of the dedicated faculty here at St. Agnes Cathedral School.