Test & Spelling Quiz Information

*Most Social Studies tests in 5th grade will include a map as well as some test questions from previous tests. This will help them recall and prepare for finals in June!*


Returning Tests Policy
 - when students receive a level 2 or 1 on a quiz or test, it must be signed by a parent and returned the following day. In addition, students who received a 2 or 1 have an opportunity to make corrections in order to receive an extra credit point. These corrections must be handed in the following day when the test is returned with a signature.

Reading Assessments - reading grades are combined with the ELA grade. As a result, all reading assessments will be located under the student's ELA grades on Parent Portal. All assignments will be labeled "Reading" so you can see the difference between the two classes.  
If your son or daughter is in my homeroom or Mrs. Magas's class and you have a concern with a reading assessment, please contact me - not Miss Markey... thank you!


 information about Spelling quizzes 
In 5th grade, we will be taking a spelling quiz every other week. These words are found in your Journeys WB, and match the lesson and story we are currently reading in class.  
Each time we have a spelling quiz, you will be tested on 2 sets of spelling words. That means for each test you should be studying 50 words (not all 50 will be on the quiz but you need to be prepared)! 
During each week, you will be doing spelling activities in the morning during homeroom to help you with your spelling list. These spelling activities will be checked in reading class.