Class 5-4 Mrs. Kelly Magas


God, Memes, and Prayer: Faith and Prayer
are invisible but they
make impossible things
possible. It's God that
performs the miracles;
our part is the simplest
Trust and Pray.
Sharon K. Brayfield, Deadership Coach
Faith and prayer make things possible.

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Important Dates & Reminders: 2/1- Red White and Do Day! 2/3- Super Bowl Sunday 2/5- 9am Mass/Noon Dismissal 5th Grade Mass 2/14-Valentines Day- Wear RED GUM Day for CHD 2/18-2/22- Winter Recess! ____________________________________________________________

~Classroom Update~
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The fifth grade scientists will be learning about "Earth's Place in the Universe". They will also be engaging in some fun STEM activities!  
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Our fifth graders will be focusing on the importance of  the "Baptism".

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-Keep current with "Tuesday Packets", ALL fifth grade class websites for important information, & the Parent Portal. 

-Students are utilizing Google Classroom to access class notes, assignment information, & important messages.

-Parents that wish to participate in school activities MUST have VIRTUS training.

-All dismissal changes MUST be noted in Pick Up Patrol.

-If your child is out sick, please submit a written note which states the reason for the absence

-If your child is absent, class notes and homework are posted on Google Classroom.  Work may be requested after 2+ days of being out sick.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation!
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What can I find on Google Classroom?
Homework Assignments
Class Notes
Reminders/Upcoming Test Dates
Project Information & Due Dates
Important News
Science Codes:
5-1  ryan5h         5-2  snscp5
5-3  knr6qp      5-4  cjtk9z
Religion Codes
5-3  q3mo8g8
5-4  5t9jy1s

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Class 5-4
Day A- Computer
Day B- Music
Day C- Art
Day D- Library
Day E- Gym
Day F- Liturgical Music


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The school uniform policy will be enforced.   Please consult the school's handbook for specific information. 
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Order online! Use our class code: G8QHP
Our class will earn free classroom books with online orders!

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Ms. LoCicero (5-1) ELA, Reading, Guidance
Mrs. O'Loughlin (5-2) Math, Religion, Health
Mrs. Christina M. Antonacci (5-3) Social Studies, Reading, Guidance
Mrs. Magas (5-4) Science, Health, and Religion

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Tuesday- Pizza $2.00 
Wednesday- Pretzels $1.50 (order taken on Monday)   
Thursday- Chicken Nuggets $2.00
Friday- Bagels: $1.50
*plain, butter or cream cheese (order taken on Wednesday)
Ice Cream $1.00
All other snacks are $0.50

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Contact Information:
516-678-5550,  Ext. 504
If you're too busy for God, you're just too busy! 
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