Class 6-3 Mrs. Kristan Duffy

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O Lord Jesus,
during this Advent 
come to us in your grace.
Come to prepare our hearts, minds, and bodies
to welcome you on Christmas Day.
Come to comfort us in sadness,
to cheer us in loneliness,
to refresh us in weariness,
to buttress us in temptations,
to lead us in doubt,
and to exult with us in joy.
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Upcoming Important Dates Tuesday, 12/19- Reconciliation 1:15pm Friday, 12/22- 12:00 dismissal- Have a Wonderful Christmas! In the New Year........ 12:00 dismissal Wednesday, 12/3 Science Test Ch E3 Thursday, 1/4 Religion Test Friday, 1/5 (Chapters 1,2 Advent and Christmas )
Image result for kindness quotes Currect Topics of Study for Grade 6 Science- Chapter E2- sections 3 and 4 mixtures, solutuions, suspensions, colloids, compounds Health- The health triangle of social, mental, and physical health Religion- Chapter 1 How does God reveal Himself to us? ‚Äč

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Icon.png December's Theme- Love
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  • This year we will be studying:
    Physical Science
    *Atoms, elements and compounds
  • *Matter- properties and changes
    *Sound and Light
    * Forces and Motion
    * Machines and Work

    * Old Testament
    *Weekly Gospel Reflections