Class 6-3 Mrs. Kristan Duffy

Upcoming Important Dates

IOWA Testing - 10/11, 10/12, 10/17, 10/18, 10/19, 10/24 Please be sure to eat a good breakfast and come to school with sharpened #2 pencils. **Also, please bring a small water bottle and small snack for morning snack as our lunch period will be later on testing days. (Snack options- pretzels, crackers, fruit- nothing greasy or with nuts) Monday, October 23- Science test #2 Chapter E1 sections 3 &4 Extra help is on Thursday 10/19 at recess October's Theme- Empathy Father Child Silhouette Blue.png


  • Please check this page often to keep up with news, announcements and what's going on!!

  • This year we will be studying:
    Physical Science
    *Atoms, elements and compounds
  • *Matter- properties and changes
    *Sound and Light
    * Forces and Motion
    * Machines and Work

    * Old Testament
    *Weekly Gospel Reflections