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 Week of April 16: Ecological Succession and Climate Change
Week of April 9 : Ecology Unit - Ecosystems
 Week of March 12: STEM Presentations and Human Body Labs

 Week of March 5: Human Body Unit and STEM Project Presentations

 Week of February 5: Chapter 13: Animal Behavior
We will study instincts and learned behaviors.
Continue to work on our STEM projects.

 Week of January 8: We will continue our study of viruses and begin to look at other microorganisms. We will use our microscopes and design an experiment to grow bread mold.

 Week of January 2 : We will be studying about viruses. We will design and create models of specific types of viruses. We will describe the diseases that the specific virus causes. 
 Week of 11/14: We will be completing a DNA coding activity and learning how to predict the probability of obtaining certain traits through the use of a Punnett Square as we continue our Genetics Unit.
 Week of 11/6: We will be reviewing Cell Division and beginning our study of DNA and Genetics.

Week of 10/30: We will be learning about cell reproduction and the stages of Mitosis. 

Week of 10/23: We will be investigating photosynthesis and respiration. Be sure to observe the changes in the leaves around you.

 Week of 10/16: We will be beginning Chapter 3 and exploring Diffusion and Osmosis. We will also be reviewing Chapter 2 on Living Things,Cells and the Microscope. 
Week of 10/9: We will be learning about the compound microscope and its' parts. We will be completing microscope activities. Some classes will be finishing their triple-beam balance labs.

Week of 10/2: We will be learning about the cell theory and investigating the parts of an animal cell and plant cell. We will be finishing our hands-on triple-beam balance lab and beginning a measurement lab. 
 Week of 9/25: We will be beginning our unit on living things and cells. We will be discussing the characteristics of all living things.
 Week of 9/18 : We will be reviewing the Scientific Method, Lab Safety and be using the graduated cylinder and triple-beam balance. What a fun week ahead!!

This year we will be studying:
Our Human Body
Our Environment
All of God's Wonderful creations and the variety of life He gave us!!!!

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