7 -4 Mrs. Jeaneane Maffei - Math & Literature

Welcome to the 7th Grade Math Website

As you review your child's final report card please note that the cumulative final grade for the year appears in the "T3" column. (T3 box) for the five major subjects: ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies and World Language.

This cumulative grade is obtained by taking each marking period grade for (T1, T2, T3 ) and counting it twice plus the final exam grade and counting it once.  

The students have been given their T3 and final exam grade.  (These do not appear on the report card)

 Enjoy the summer!  Relax and stay close to God!  See you again in September!  The  math summer packet is due on the first day of school!


The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings!

Dear God,
May we, through your blessings,
add purity to the world,
subtract evil from our lives,
multiply Your good news,
and divide Your gifts and share them with others.

The 7th grade Dominican Saint is St. Pius the Fifth

Failure will never overtake us  if our  determination to succeed is strong enough!!

This year's school theme is "GRIT"  - perseverance & passion to achieve long term goals despite failure !!

This year we will be immersed in pre-algebra and finding "x"!

We are currently working on Geometry:  writing equations to find the unknown angle measure.

You may purchase the online version of the Glencoe Workbook - Course 2: student version we use.  This will include the electronic version of the workbook as well as all the capabilities such as videos, extra practice, step-by-step explanations etc. Look under Resources for the link.

An excellent App for this topic on the the iPad is Digit Whiz

 It is important to take good notes in class and review daily. Keep all quizzes and tests in a folder.

 Always ask questions: Even Einstein asked questions.

Monthly Themes

September: "Hospitality" & "Charity"
October: "Peace"
November: "Gratitude"
December: "Charity"
January:     "Courage"
February: "Love"
March: "Forgiveness"
April: "Justice"
May: " Compassion"

              Our Special/Spanish  Schedule

      Day A: Open/Spanish
      Day B: Computer
      Day C: Library/Spanish
      Day D: Art/Spanish
      Day E: Spanish
      Day F: Gym/Open