Religion- Ms. Fox/Mrs. Spadafora
Prayer:  Speak to Jesus, not only with your lips, but also with your heart.
Prayer is you speaking to God; Scripture is God speaking to you.  Read the Bible-Pray the Rosary!!!


The following assignments have been discussed with the students
Confirmation Journals
Respect Life Contest
Spiritual Adoption Journals
Family Life Workbook
We Live Our Faith Workbook
Apostleship of Prayer Website
USCCB Gospel of the Week Website
Catechism of the Catholic Church

Find each month's prayers and activities at this site created just for you by Mrs. Spadafora.
Letter for Fr. Bill
letter requesting to be a candidate for confirmation
Sacred Story Institute
Sacred Story Examen fosters a deep, personal relationship with Jesus Christ by engaging practitioners in a daily prayer discipline, regular Sacramental Reconciliation and spiritual discernment. Sacred Story Examen enfolds the entire wisdom of St. Ignatius Spiritual Exercises in a portable format ideal for anyone seeking greater spiritual growth and discernment.
Spiritual Bouquet
Children of the Eucharist