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Welcome to Computer Technology!

Ms. Jess Morris


Don't forget to practice typing every day.

Make a home run with the home row keys!

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Virtue of the Month:

September - Hospitality
October -  Peace 

November -  Gratitude 

 December -  Patience

 January -  Courage 

February - Gentleness
March - Mercy
April - Justice
May - Honesty
June - Faithfulness

Theme of the School Year = Grit
Grit is passion plus perseverance.

"Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance."
-Samuel Johnson, British author

"Greatness is not in where we stand,
but in what direction we are moving."

-Oliver Wendell Holmes, American physician, author & inventor

What We Have Been Learning

Kindergarten: computer safety; mouse coordination & literacy / STEM skills through educational games; coding challenges on Kodable; basic keyboarding; adding an image to a document

First Grade:
 computer safety; mouse coordination; keyboard awareness; parts of a computer; TumbleBooks literacy activities; name design; introduction to PowerPoint (autumn, courage); literacy, math, & strategy games; basic word processing & clipart manipulation; coding challenges on Kodable & Tynker; word building games; Google Drawings (facts in a word web on ocean animals); designed book cover for their book project; alphabet organizer of solar system words; Google Docs - solar system facts & images

Second Grade: computer safety; All About Me poster; parts of a computer; basic keyboarding; online word search creation; acrostic poems; friendly letters; coding challenges; PowerPoint design (courage); introduction to Google Drawings (plant life cycle, resolutions, facts on natural disasters); alphabet organizer (winter words - nouns, verbs, adjectives); St. Patrick's Day PowerPoint slide - facts/legends; immigration (Ellis Island) word & picture map; spring poems

Third Grade: computer safety; word processing; word clouds; formal keyboarding practice; internet safety activities; designed digital nonfiction books; research & informative slideshow on China; intro to Google Classroom; holiday & coding challenges; food chains in Google Drawings; created crossword puzzles (animal adaptations); St. Patrick's Day PowerPoint slide - facts/legends/symbols; severe weather research & uploading related images; character trait trading cards 

Fourth Grade: computer safety; word processing; word clouds; weather chart & graph in Excel with basic functions; literacy & math games; keyboarding practice; research on the solar system & Google Slides; cropping & layering images; coding challenges on; American Revolution timeline in PowerPoint SmartArt; designing flyers in Publisher (public library programs); iPad app design (PowerPoint); food chains in Google Drawings

Fifth Grade:
 computer safety; word processing; Doodle 4 Google Contest story or script for a skit (a day in 2046); Dominican saint research & poster design; keyboarding practice; word lists & word clouds; researching Christmas traditions around the world / Venn diagram (compare & contrast); coding challenges; best seller (favorite book) poster design; Google slideshow on one of the thirteen colonies; intro to Google Drive; designing flyers in Publisher (public library programs)

Sixth Grade: computer safety; word processing; Doodle 4 Google Contest story or script for a skit (future tech in cities); Ancient Egypt research & WebQuest; keyboarding practice; personal best seller lists & word clouds; coding challenges; Google Apps; What I Love About St. Agnes slides & QR code creations; Roman emperor script in Google Docs & voice recording in ChatterPix; Kahoot review games; Prezi presentation on blood & the cardiovascular system

Seventh Grade: computer safety; word processing; Doodle 4 Google Contest story or script for a skit (future tech in cities); Colonies of the Future research project; math brochure on two-step equations; keyboarding practice; personal best seller lists & word clouds; coding challenges; Google Apps; PowToon video on Bill of Rights Amendment; intro to Google Forms & nutrition surveys; meal comparison (nutrition facts) in Google Drawings; anti-bullying PSAs in Google Slides

Eighth Grade: computer safety; word processing; customize school schedule in Google Sheets; leisure activities survey in Google Forms; stained glass window project - graphing linear equations with an image editor; keyboarding practice; personal best seller lists & word clouds; coding challenges (basics of JavaScript); overseas expansion research & slideshow; sustainable school design in Google Apps

"The power of imagination makes us infinite."  -John Muir


Now Registering New Students For Grades K-6
Call the school office for more information.
(516) 678-5550

Upcoming Events:

Sunday, May 7th is Catholic School Sunday.  There will be a second collection taken at each of the Masses. The collection will be shared between St. Agnes Cathedral School and the Tomorrow's Hope Foundation. The students are making thank you cards for the parishioners. Students, dressed in uniform, are needed to be present at the Masses to distribute the thank you cards. If you and your child/ren can assist in handing out the thank you cards, please fill out the embedded form below for the Mass assigned to your child’s grade and return it to school by Thursday, May 4th. If you are a regular at a specific Mass that is not assigned to your child’s grade, please feel free to sign up for that Mass.  Catholic School Sunday, May 7th 

The girls in grades 3, 5, 7, and 8 will participate in the Hance Family Foundation’s Program, Beautiful Me. The girls in grades 4 and 6 will participate in the program next fall as 5th and 7th graders. Beautiful Me teaches girls how to think positively about their bodies, their skills, and their relationships with others. Click below for the full details about the program.

Beautiful Me Letter and Registration/Permission Slip 

Please take a few minutes to complete this parish life survey. Responses are due April 30th.

The 100th Anniversary Committee is sponsoring a Slogan Contest. Students are asked to create a slogan for our 100th anniversary that will begin next year. Click below for the flyer and entry form for the contest. 
100th Anniversary Slogan Contest 

Monday, April 24: D Day

*Grades 4 & 6 math prep after school: 2:50-3:50 P.M. 
*Read-A-Thon: Last Week to accrue minutes!

*Willy Wonka Raffle begins. Click on the link below to access the flyer, raffle tickets, and information about this amazing gift basket which includes 2 front row tickets for Friday night!

Wonka Raffle 

Tuesday, April 25: E Day
*Grades 4 & 6 math prep after school: 2:50-3:50 P.M. 
*Grade 8 Students to wear their HS Sweat Shirts to school with uniform
*Grade 8 students to participate in a virtual field trip with Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy and the CDC to examine the science behind e-cigarettes (vaping) and the impact they can have on teens’ health and well-being. 

Wednesday, April 26: F Day
*Uniform Measurement: 9-11:30 in the Carlin Dining Hall
*8th Grade Parent Confirmation Meeting: Parish Center at 7:30 P.M. 

Thursday, April 27: A Day
*Read-A-Thon minutes due today
*Opening night of Willy Wonka Jr. at 7:30 in the Gym

Friday, April 28: B Day
*Play tonight at 7:30 in the Gym

Saturday, April 29
*Play tonight at 7:30 in the Gym