Class K-1 Karin Hintze


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May is Mary's Month.
The children will honor
and celebrate our Blessed Mother this month.
And we cannot forget the special Mom in our lives as we also celebrate Mothers Day.
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In Math we will study measurement and continue addition and subtraction. We will learn about healthy habits and conduct experiments to explore ways to reduce the
effects of sunlight on ice.

We will continue writing sentences, reading, and learning our sight words. 

We end the month by honoring the brave men and women of the military who courageously gave their lives for us and our freedom.
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Three things in Human Life Are Important.

The first is to be Kind. The second is to be Kind. The third is to be Kind.

        Mother Teresa 

K-1 Special Schedule

A Day      Computer
B Day       Music
C Day       Library
D Day       Liturgical Music
E Day        Art
F Day Gym