Class K-1 Karin Hintze


We had so much fun in October.
Thank you to all the parents
hat helped make
our first field trip such a success.
And thank you to all
for our Halloween Party.  
The K-1 Kids had a wonderful time.

November is a special month.  
We celebrate all we
have to be thankful for. 
Especially ourselves and our families.

And on November 9, we will honor and give thanks to the
brave men and women of our military as
we welcome to our classroom
K-1 family members
who have served
or are currently serving.
It is a very special day 
as we will be in the presence of HEROES.


This month in math we will be adding numbers through 10 and solving
addition word problems.

In Science we will study the Five Senses and Push and Pull.

In Social Studies we will learn about
the election process with the help of
Mayor Patricia McDonald who will visit us on Election Day.

We will continue sentence writing and decoding words in ELA.
Just watching them sound out and read their readers in
Guided Reading is joyful.  
The children are working so hard in their
Guided Groups and I am so proud of their progress thus far.  

Please note that you can find the Homework for the month and the Sight Word Lists under Resources.


Three things in Human Life Are Important. The first is to be Kind. The second is to be Kind. The third is to be Kind.

        Mother Teresa      


K-1 Special Schedule

A Day      Computer
B Day       Music
C Day       Library
D Day       Liturgical Music
E Day        Art
F Day Gym