Class K-1 Karin Hintze


It was wonderful to meet all of you at
Back to School Night.

The children are settling in beautifully and I am looking
forward to the joy that lies ahead as we learn,
play, and have fun.

September brings with it new and
exciting things in Kindergarten.
We will be learning about all of God's Beautiful Creations.
We will understand the importance of Prayer
and learn to say our Prayers.

Identifying, counting and comparing numbers
will be the focus in math.

The children will be learning how to stay safe in school, on the bus, and on the playground.

We will be exploring Johnny Appleseed and learn to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and
sing our National Anthem.

Letters, sounds and name writing
will be the focus in ELA.  
The children are doing beautifully in their Guided Reading Groups and transitioning through Literacy Centers. 

Please know that no concern is too small.
If you ever need to speak to me, place a note in your child's folder or call the school and leave a message.
I will get back to you.

Also know that I feel very blessed to be your child's teacher. They are a delightful group of children and it is heartwarming to see the enthusiasm and excitement on their faces as they come to school each day.

Thank you!
I look forward to a wonderful year with the K-1 Kids!



Three things in Human Life Are Important. The first is to be Kind. The second is to be Kind. The third is to be Kind.

        Mother Teresa      


K-1 Special Schedule

A Day      Computer
B Day       Music
C Day       Library
D Day       Liturgical Music
E Day        Art
F Day Gym