Class K-1 Karin Hintze

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March is here and Spring is on the way!

This month we will learn about Lent, St. Patrick,

St. Joseph, the Miracles of Jesus,
and continue practicing our Prayers.

We will study important women in American History and we

 will begin to explore the Solar System
and the season of Spring.


In Math we will identify, analyze and compare 2D shapes.
We will continue solving addition and subtraction
problems also.

We will identify antonyms,

write complete sentences and retell stories.

And much fun awaits as we explore
the works of Dr. Seuss. 

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Please know that it is a pleasure to come to school each day and see the smiling faces on the K-1 Kids. 

They are a delightful group and I am so proud of the progress they’ve made thus far.

I feel very Blessed to be their teacher.

Three things in Human Life Are Important. The first is to be Kind. The second is to be Kind. The third is to be Kind.

        Mother Teresa      


K-1 Special Schedule

A Day              Gym*        sneakers and comfortable clothing

B Day               Art

B Day               Library

C Day               Music

F Day                Computer