Class K-2 Mrs. Wendy Hofmann

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Virtue of the Month :


September is such an exciting month in kindergarten!

We celebrate the birthday of Mary, our Blessed Mother, on September 8th.  We will recognize who Mary was and learn her prayer, Hail Mary.

As we begin the school year, we will review rules to ensure we are safe and able to learn each day.

We will discover the beauty of God's world as we take our first creation walk, and realize that God made this incredible world we live in.

We will review the letters of the alphabet before we begin our week long, in-depth study of each letter.

September is all about APPLES as we celebrate Johnny Appleseed's birthday!

We can't wait to start counting and will begin learning all about numbers this month.

God has given us all kinds of feelings, and we will explore all the different ways we might feel.

Most importantly, we will make tons of new friends in our K2 family!




A DAY – Music


B DAY – Art


C DAY – Computer


D DAY – Gym
*Please wear sneakers on Gym day*


E DAY – Music


F Day – Library




Please label all items that come to school, as the items that sometimes end up lost may surprise you!!