Class K-3 Ms. Patricia Verni


         Welcome to Class K-3     

           Teacher  Ms.Verni

            Specials Schedule

                 A Day      Library
                 B Day      Gym (sneakers)
                 C Day      Art
                 D Day      Liturgical Music
                 D Day      Computer
                 F Day      Music

                Welcome September!  
               Welcome to Kindergarten!


During the month of September, we will learn

about God's beautiful creations!  We will learn  

about making the Sign of the Cross and our class


In social studies, we will learn about the

Pledge of Allegiance, Class and School Rules and

Johnny Appleseed.

In science, we will learn about fire drills, 

playground safety, and the life cycle of 

an apple.  

In math, we will write and represent numbers from

0-5.  We will count and compare numbers.  

We will learn how to write our names correctly and

print all upper and lowercase letters.  

We will read and retell stories and nursery rhymes.

We will practice the recognition of letters and their


So let's start having fun with our hands on learning

in Kindergarten!!!

Please send in a large plastic ziplock bag with a set
of clothes for your child with their name on it.

Here are some of our favorite Kindergarten Apps: Word Cub, Dora Phonics, Dora Skywriting, Abby Sight Words, Butterfly Math, Monkey Math, Teach Me Kindergarten and Teach Me First Grade and a new one Math Bug. 

New App ChatterPix for Kids

"We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can

do.  "                                                                 
              Mother Teresa "St.Teresa of Calcutta"


valentine rainbow