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Virtue for the month of January:  RESPECT

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Image result for images of respect
Exciting News
A select group of St.Agnes singers will be performing live this Sunday (Jan.14) on Telecare. (Channel 29)
We will go on between 3:30-4pm.  Tune in to see your friends!


Any student participating in NYSSMA must pick up the application from their HOME school district Music Department. 

Our next school-wide liturgy is on Wednesday, February 7. Let us lift our voices in thanks and praise to the Lord!

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Congratulations to Nora Reardon who has been selected to participate in All County!!
Good luck, Nora.

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This month in Music class

Kindergarten-Grade 1: Students will create rhythm patterns by using classroom instruments.  Students will identify notes and rests.  MLK songs will help define respect.

Grades 2: Students will review Treble Clef/plotting notes on the staff. Students will identify notes and note counts. 

Grade 3Recorders!!!! Please make sure you have your recorder, recorder book and a pencil at every Music Class.

Grade 4Students will identify musical notations including dynamic markings. Sing and perform songs about 2018 goals!

Grade 5Students will identify Bway terms, sing songs from "Newsies", create their personal headlines! 

Grade 6 Peter and the Wolf!!! Completion of Orchestra Unit. 

Beauty and the Beast
Drama Club 2018

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Important Dates:

Try-outs for 6th Grade: Jan 16th
Try-outs for 7th and 8th Grade: Jan. 17
Call backs:  Jan. 18th
Cast List posted:  Jan. 19th