Welcome to Music!
Virtue for the month of December:  LOVE

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Our next school-wide liturgy is on Wednesday, December 6th. Let us lift our voices in thanks and praise to the Lord!

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Congratulations to Nora Reardon who has been selected to participate in All County!!
Good luck, Nora.

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This month in Music class

Kindergarten-Grade 1: Students will continue recognition of steady beat,rhythm patterns and tempo using classroom percussion instruments.  Advent songs will be introduced.

Grades 2: Students will review Treble Clef/plotting notes on the staff. Students will identify notes and note counts. Start Nativity songs in anticipation of Christmas play.

Grade 3Recorders!!!! Please make sure you have your recorder, recorder book and a pencil at every Music Class.

Grade 4Thanksgiving songs, Folk music of the world

Grade 5Present Saint projects

Grade 6 Instrument Project w/Computers