Class K-2 Mrs. Wendy Hofmann
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Virtue of the Month :


**The month begins as we remember not only all the saints, but all souls who we have loved as we observe All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day.  We will continue to pray for the souls we have loved and lost all month.  If you would like to send in a prayer card of someone to include in our morning prayers, it will be kept on our prayer table and returned to you at the end of the month.**

November is a time when we recognize all of the blessings God has given us, and realize how very fortunate we are.  We will learn the difference between basic needs and wants as Thanksgiving approaches.  We will discuss the first Thanksgiving feast, and look forward to our kindergarten feast, when we will give thanks for all the new friends we have made this year.

We will learn about the election process this month as we prepare for Election Day.

We will recognize the heroes who have served our country in the armed forces as we celebrate Veterans Day.

There is so much to taste, smell, hear, touch, and see as the holidays approach, and we will explore using our five senses.

We will focus on the letters Tt and Cc as well as beginning, middle, and ending sounds in language arts.

We will discover the difference between push and pull as we learn about force.

We can't wait to begin addition in math this month!



A DAY – Music


B DAY – Art


C DAY – Computer


D DAY – Gym
*Please wear sneakers on Gym day*


E DAY – Music


F Day – Library




Please label all items that come to school, as the items that sometimes end up lost may surprise you!!