Class 1-2 Mrs. Maureen Davis

                                    Virtue for April

                                                                                St. Agnes Pray for US.


-Class trip is Monday 4/15. Children should wear their gym uniform and bring lunch in a labeled disposable bag. Please send a disposable drink as well. We will not be taking anything back with us.
Thank you Mrs. Bagatta, Mrs. Congdon, Mr. Kee , and Mr. Baker for joining us. 
- There are no spelling words or math homework for this short week.
Please read and practice sight words.

It was very special for me to meet the special people in your children's life. It was a very happy morning.

I hope everyone has a Blessed Easter! Enjoy your vacation!


            What's Happening in Class

Reading/ELA: We are enjoying Easter stories this week.

Math: We will be reviewing addition, subtraction, place value, and time this week.
Religion: We will be learning about the Three Days.

Social Studies: We are continuing to read maps and learning our four main directions. 

Science: We are learning about the solar system. Class trip on Monday 4/15.

Please make sure your child brings back all books sent home.
We take the time to pack up together at the end of the day. If your child is forgetting their books in school please ask them why.
Lastly, please take time to help/correct spelling and grammar in their writing. 

Thank you for sharing the gift of your children. Everyday is a new adventure!

Please check our website  to find out what's going on in our classroom. .

Day A: Music 9:50
Day B:  Art  9:50 ( Everyone needs an art smock)
Day C:  Computer 9:50
Day D:  Gym 9:50 Gym uniform and sneakers.
Day E : Liturgical Music 9:50
Day F:  Library 10:30

School begins at 8:15 a.m. Walkers are dismissed at 2:40 p.m. and bus students are dismissed at 2:45 p.m.Please make any changes on pick up patrol. If your child is leaving early please also send in a note as well as pick up patrol.

Cafeteria News:
Food Schedule:
Tuesdays: Pizza.
Wednesdays: Pretzels (orders will be taken the Monday before)
Thursdays: Chicken Nuggets
Friday: Bagels - plain, butter, cream cheese (orders will be taken the Wednesday before)

*All food items listed above are $2.00-chicken/pizza. $1.50 bagels/pretzels
*Snacks are $0.50-$0.75., Water $0.75, Juice $0.50, Ice cream $1.00

*To contact me please send an email to, or send a note with your child and I will get back to you as soon as possible!*

Monthly Virtues
September: Friendship
October: Cooperation
November: Compassion 
December: Joy
January: Initiative
February: Faith
March: Temperance 
April: Grace
May: Hope
June: Gratitude