Principal's Weekly Announcment

April 17, 2019

Dear St. Agnes Cathedral School Parents and Guardians,

Your child’s social, emotional and spiritual development are important.  There are still a few days to go before we enter into the joys of Easter. These days of the Liturgical Year are called the Easter Triduum—from the evening of Holy Thursday to the evening of Easter Sunday. Though chronologically three days, they are liturgically one day unfolding for us the unity of Christ's Paschal Mystery. The single celebration of the Triduum marks the end of the Lenten season and leads to the Mass of the Resurrection of the Lord at the Easter Vigil. The liturgical services that take place during the Triduum are:

  • Mass of the Lord's Supper

  • Good Friday of the Lord's Passion

  • Mass of the Resurrection of the Lord

These events help us prepare for the most significant gift our Lord has given to us, a share in his own life! Before we loosen our belts on Easter Sunday, it is good to have a bit of a rethink about what actually happened on the first Easter day.

No doubt, if we had been alive in Jesus’ time we, too, would have been astonished by the miracle of a resurrected body. Luke tells us that just as Jesus was entering the town of Naim, a funeral procession was coming out. The dead man was the only son of a widow. Jesus was filled with compassion for the widow and so went over to the coffin and said, “Young man! Get up, I tell you. The dead man sat up and began to talk and Jesus gave him back to his mother.” Luke 7:11-17.

Mark tells us how in like manner Jesus resurrected the body of the twelve-year-old daughter of Jairus, an official of the local synagogue. “Little girl I tell you to get up. She got up at once and started walking around. Give her something to eat.” Mark 5:22-24, 35-44.

The two individuals raised to life by Jesus returned to their normal lives and at a later point in time they died, definitively. So, how was their “resurrection” different to Jesus’? Well, “Jesus’ Resurrection was about breaking out into an entirely new form of life, into a life that is no longer subject to the laws of dying and becoming, but lies beyond it – a life that opens up a new dimension of human existence.”

Unlike the widow’s son and the daughter of Jairus, “Jesus has not returned to a normal human life in this world like Lazarus and the others whom Jesus raised from the dead. He has entered upon a different life, he has entered the vast breadth of God himself, and it is from there that he reveals himself to his followers.” “In Jesus’ Resurrection, a new possibility of human existence is attained that affects everyone and that opens up a future, a new kind of future, for mankind.”

Now, what would you have been thinking if you were one of Jesus’ followers on that first Easter day? “....they were simply overwhelmed by the reality, but after their initial hesitation and astonishment, they could no longer ignore that reality. It is truly he. He is alive; he has spoken to us; he has allowed us to touch him, even if he no longer belongs to the tangible in the normal way.”

Jesus’ disciples were quite used to Jesus performing the unusual: restoring sight to the blind; restoring mobility to the crippled; curing lepers of their disease. But now they had to grapple with a new understanding of Jesus: “He was quite different, no mere resurrected body but one living a new and forever in the power of God. And yet, at the same time, no longer belonging to our world, he was truly present there, he himself. It was an utterly unique experience, which burst upon the normal boundaries of experience and yet for the disciples was quite beyond doubt.” So, when Easter Sunday does arrive we can join with the writer of Psalm 117 in saying, “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad”. We can rejoice and be glad, because Jesus, through his humanity, has given us the opportunity of true resurrection.

Please take your children to the services for the Triduum. I have embedded the times of the services for your convenience as well as Fr. Bill's announcement regarding the significance of the services. Click on the link below to access.

Triduum Services 

Enjoy the week off and please be cognizant of your child’s free time! I opened this letter stating “your child’s social, emotional and spiritual development are important”. I have received from ALL the various school communities that I worked in, past and present, upon returning from a school recess, information regarding behaviors conducted by the children on their social media that are not reflective of our Catholic faith. Behaviors such as cyberbullying over texts, Snap Chat, gaming devices, and the like occur.

I ask you to check your child’s cell phones and mobile devices.  Check the social media outlets your child visits and uses. Check their text messages to ensure they are communicating in an appropriate and responsible manner.  We have been reminded of the fragile developmental stage our children are in. A mean text or hurtful comment made to a young person whose brain is still developing and maturing could lead to devastating actions.

The initials, www stand for the World Wide Web. It could also stand for the Wild, Wild, West. It is unregulated and filled with information and the possibility to purchase items, such as Juuls and other electronic vape devices.  I don’t think you would permit your child to enter a place where there is a possibility to be hurt, and NO parent would want their child to be on the transmitting or receiving side of cyberbullying, so once again, I implore you to check your child’s devices. Go back into their history and see what they are up to and bring them to the Triduum services! 

Peace and Blessings,

Mrs. St. John

All Quotes from “Jesus of Nazareth” by Pope Benedict XVI

~This Week's Events April 29- May 3rd~

The Mothers’ Club Read-A-Thon is now in effect! It ends on Friday, May 3rd. The Grand Prize is a family 4 pack of tickets to Adventureland.


After School Student-Tutoring program will resume after Easter Vacation on the following days listed below. I hope you found the program helpful. The last session will be on May 22nd.

  • Monday Program: May 6, 13
  • Wednesday Program: May 15, 22


Calendar Updates

Since three emergency weather days were built into the school calendar and only one was used, the last day of school will be on June 20th. It will be a 10 A.M. dismissal. The adjusted schedule including the end of the year half days is below:

  • Monday, June 17: 12 noon dismissal: Last Day of Aftercare
  • Tuesday, June 18: 12 noon dismissal
  • Wednesday, June 19: 12 noon dismissal: Report Cards distributed
  • Thursday, June 20: 10 A.M. dismissal. Last day of school: Open Parent-Teacher Conferences from 10-11 A.M. Teacher-Reacher will not be used for T3 conferences.

Important Update to the 2019-20 Holiday and Transportation Calendar. Click on the link below for updated calendar.

Transportation Calendar 2019 20

Middle School Sports Update -- Week of April 29th

 Check back on Sunday, April 28th for the week's sports update.


Please contact Mr. Jensen with any middle school sports questions:



Peace, love, and joy!

Mrs. St. John



Security Update: Gate Installation and Former Kindergarten Classrooms and Play Area Remediation Work


The installation of the last Security Gate will take place after Easter Vacation. The gate, which was supposed to be installed in March, was postponed, two times, due to poor weather conditions. This, coupled with the remediation of the former Kindergarten classrooms and play area during Easter Vacation, necessitates that the gate installation occurs after the remediation work is completed. Please read below regarding the remediation work that will take place in the former Kindergarten classrooms and play area during Easter Vacation.



St. Agnes Cathedral School

70 Clinton Place

Rockville Centre, NY 11570


In accordance with applicable Federal, State, and local regulations, notice is hereby given that asbestos-containing materials (ACM) will be abated from these premises.


Approximate Dates of Abatement: 4/18/19 - 4/26/19

Type of Material:                        

Floor Tile / Pipe Insulation


Amount of Material:                  

3500 sf / 50 LF



North Basement


Abatement Contractor:               

Branch Services

2099 9th Avenue

Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

Contact: Arthur Chu

Telephone Number: (631) 467-6600

NYS DOL Asbestos License Number: 99-1047


Independent Testing Firm:       

J.C. Broderick & Associates, Inc.

1775 Expressway Drive North, Suite 1

Hauppauge, New York 11788

License #28731

(631) 584-5492

Contact: Ryan Eid




528 Mineola Avenue

Carle Place, NY 11514

ELAP #11469



St. Agnes Cathedral and Parish

29 Quealy Place

Rockville Centre, NY 11570

Contact: Msgr. William Koenig





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